Zero Spam Tolerance

Spam Comments Eradicated If you have an inkling to comment on this site to get some “link juice” or for whatever reason don’t bother. Anything that even looks, sounds or smells at all like SPAM is put through the garbage destruction unit. That also goes for Links => No-Follow. This site has a “NO-FOLLOW” policy, software […]

Quick Start Challenge

The Quick Start Challenge – 12 months on Blogging trainers – Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and JF Garsula Around this time last year I joined the QSC which was a training program designed to give members the skills to become competent bloggers over a 4 week training program. The QSC turned out to be an […]

Challenge Started

Yesterday I started the Quick Start Challenge which is all about building a better blog and attracting followers. How often do you challenge yourself? This will be a month long adventure and if all goes to plan I should have refreshed many skills, learned new ones and discovered how to put them together and become […]

Review of Kindle NanoNiche Goldmine – Kindle Marketing

If Kindle Marketing interests you then read this review A review of the Kindle NanoNiche Goldmine for Kindle Marketing I recently purchased a copy of Rob Howard’s Kindle NanoNiche Goldmine product hoping to extend my knowledge of the Amazon Kindle market place. I have studied Kindle marketing and authoring and Amazon marketing from several other […]

WP SEO Pix Review

Blue Whale WP SEO Pix Review picture test. This WP SEO Pix Review is live as I type I purchased WP SEO Pix just 20 minutes ago and 5 minutes ago started the instal process. The instal worked like a charm and was a simple add a plugin with cpanel. Very easy. I suggest you […]

Mom’s Simple On-Line Marketing Method

Mom’s Simple On-Line Marketing Method is a Winner . Have you ever wondered if on-line marketing can be simplified and explained in really simple terms? It’s apparent Sara Young has done just that with her training program and her down to earth and friendly style of delivery. . On-Line Marketing doesn’t have to be slick […]

Review of BlogZBot

Review of BlogZBot by User Reviews It What a winner!!! BlogzBot is such a time saver everyone who has to set up a WordPress site should love this great little automated set-up application. It automatically installs the basic plugins and pages that every blog needs to have for basic SEO and good internet practice. You […]

Beat ClickBank Currency Exchange Fees

How To Beat ClickBank Currency Exchange Fees It is easy to beat ClickBank exorbitant charges if you are purchasing from outside the USA or don’t have ready access to US dollars. One way to beat Clickbank fees To avoid being hit with the excessive fees they charge you can use your PayPal account and choose […]

SEOpressor Review – An SEO Rank Booster

Review of SEOPressor From Daniel Tan – SEO expert. I have a computer full of tools and books acquired over the last few years as I work my way through the IM self-education process, many of them dedicated to SEO. What I have learned is that there is an incredible amount of absolute rubbish and […]